“The Secret of Spring” VFX

Art Director / VFX Artist / Compositor






Article in Gridmarkets about the process

"The Secret of Spring" is a shortfilm directed by Jean Claude Billmaier inside Marabigo studio NYC.
This shortfilm has one sequence that lead us in a deep journey trough the universe, full of stars, constelations and nebulas. This was a very challenging sequence from the vfx perspective.
When Jean saw my instagram account he write me to ask me if I could create this sequence because he loved my experiments and he wanted something beautiful but not so realistic. This demanding job had to be done within only 20 days. So it was a challenge to design the sequence, the technical solution and the final composition to deliver a closed product to my client.
For this purpose I've set a few steps to achieve the final result of this universe. I've modeled very basic geometries in 3dsmax, and then I've imported those models into houdini, where I've generated a point cloud of particles emitted from the topology previously created. With this pointcloud I could import this information in the plugin Trapcode Form inside After Effects, to generate mutiple copies with different settings to get stars, dense smoke nebulas, dense constelations and with every model find the right look to integrate inside this universe.


Art Director / VFX Artist / Compositor




3dsmax / Houdini / After Effects / Trapcode Form