Who I Am

Ramiro AMK Fernandez

Welcome to my portfolio,

My name is Ramiro AMK Fernández; I’m a passionate art director and audiovisual artist. I pretend to explore the infinite emotional field of image.

This selection of digital pieces is the sum of what I’ve learned, integrating art, perception, shape and the effect that generates in the spectator.

Since I was a kid I grew up between artistic disciplines like drawing and musical composition. I began like a self-taught student exploring different fields like, graphic design, illustration, animation and 3D visualization, web design, motion graphics and digital composition.

Today, with more than ten years of experience I still search for new narrative supports like, high impact shows and massive range shows like mappings, opening ceremonies, holographic techniques and augmented reality.

My job consists in the understanding and the generation of inspirational concepts for pitching. The visual realization in every “styleframe” of the new creative ideas to give an answer to client’s needs and to give suggestions is an essential part of my performance. I also love the challenging and rewarding part of directing the project after the pitch. I lead work teams guiding them to the excellence of the vision of the final product to their own materiality, from the idea to the realization.

My future goals are continuing in the acquisition of new knowledge and discovering unique narrative possibilities, finding ways to mix concepts, art and design in every possible way. I would also like to keep working with passionate and talented colleagues; to build a professional and human road filled with proactive and positive energy.


  • 3dsmax / Houdini / After Effects / Photoshop / vegas / sound Forge / Sonar / Reason

Awards and honorable mentions:


  • Bronze Award in Professional Retouching for “Contemporary Selfie” at the ONE EYELAND Photography Awards


  • Selected Poster for  “Arte Único” contest from Fernet Branca


  • Winner of “Art is Mobile” of Samsung Argentina.


  • Honorable mentions at the NVIDIA contest “Amazing Creations” for “Many Ways”, digital art piece.


  • Short film “Dream Tim” selected for broadcast in TV show “Cortos I-Sat”
  • Short film “Dream Tim” selected to be part of the files of short films of the Centro Cultural San Martín


  • Shortfilm “Dream Tim” Honor Award Best Animation Shortfilm at the V festival y jornadas de realizadores latinoamericanos (FEJOREL)
  • Shortfilm “Dream Tim” Participation at the International Symposium “Imágenes del Cine” in the “Archivo General de LA NACIÓN”


  • First place at the “Encuentro Joven Usuaria 99″. MusicalContest of Original Composition of MIDI System


  • Second place at the “Encuentro Joven Usuaria 98″. MusicalContest of Original Composition of MIDI System