PONG Legacy

One Man Band

Making Of

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I've been away for a couple of weeks working hard on this personal project in my spare time between commercial jobs.

"PONG Legacy" is a narrative excercise done from scratch to the finished product, Including:
Creative direction / Design / Art direction / Modeling / Shading / Animation / Rendering / Compositing / Music composition / Sound mixing.
Done 90% inside after effects and Element 3D as the render engine.

This project was an odyssey to carry out since I performed it as a One Man Band, from beginning to end. This idea began as an idea for my daily instagram works but I felt that the idea needed more work and love to be executed. So I took the decision to create a more ambitious project in which I could give everything of myself, have fun and at the same time try to finish it and win the battle against the frustration of undertaking something bigger.


One Man Band


Ramiro AMK Fernandez


Illustrator / 3dsmax / After Effects / Photoshop / Element3d