Director / Art Director


Styleframes for pitch

In production Styleframe



Piece developed at Shango Films.

Styleframes developed in two days.
Duration of the project: Two weeks.

For this mapping the idea was to tell an everyday story using the Microsoft and Office tools that make us easier the daily work.
I had the idea that the narrator for this mapping could be a “user” who uses Windows as a big touch dispositive and could tell only with his hands the different moments of his day, at the office, planning his vacations and travelling inside the Microsoft world.
It was really interesting to imagine the interaction of these programs that we use every single day, in a new environment, organized by the mapping structure. They were introduced into this tridimensional world acquiring a new meaning to create an experience that enhances the characteristics and the virtues of the pack.

For this project I was in charge of the art direction, the whole show and I directed specifically: The Journey to the Desk, Word, Excel, Power Point and Explorer.


Director / Art Director


Ramiro A. Fernandez
Nicolas Duce

Rocío Pérez Lascano

3D Leader:
Diego Diéguez

3D Artist:
Paolo Giordana
Juan Manuel Vapore
Nahuel Moreno
Mateo Amaral
Maximo Ponz

Composition / Motion Graphics:
Nicolás Houghton
Fernando Calvi
Julián Giulianelli

Francisco Pascual
Gabriel Schenone
Martín Paz


3dsmax / After Effects / Photoshop