Patagonia Art School Mapping

Director / Art Director / Motion Graphics



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Piece developed at Shango Films.

The city of Trelew opened the biggest art school of the Patagonia and for the show we proposed to project a mapping telling the cultural roots, the arrival of the Welsh, the multiplicity of communities that live today and the school with their subjects.
The idea was to explore the potentiality of our tools at an inspiring show to tell the objectives of the school.
For this particular mapping I had the chance to think the script from the beginning, the staging, the whole aesthetic and I directed two completed scenes, related with art in every way. Act 5: The Arts; Act 6:The School Construction.
For the Act 5 an interesting detail was that I developed an effect that merges a black suit with white horizontal lines with a specific choreography. During the post production I used an eco effect to left a drawing in the movement record and to be able to recreate the living score from the choreography.


Director / Art Director / Motion Graphics


Fernando Fasano – Executive Producer
Gonzalo Guardiola – Count Executive
Francisco Pascual – General Producer
Melina Bernárdez – Production Chief
Ramiro A. Fernández – Director
Nicolás Duce – Director
Lucía Vidal – Director
Carolina Travi – Technology Director
Martín Paz – Production Assistant
Tomás Zemborain – Production Assistant
Nahuel Sauza – Programming
Rocío Pérez Lascano – Post Production
Paolo Giordana - 3D Artist
Juan Manuel Vapore - 3D Artist
Alexis Corbet - 3D Artist
Alejandro Ohanian - 3D Artist
Gonzalo Vélez - 3D Artist
Luciano Machi – Graphic Design / Motion Graphics.
Máximo Ponz - Graphic Design / Motion Graphics.
Maximiliano Schneider - Animación 2D / Motion
Roxana Vázquez - Graphic Design / Motion Graphics
Brian Schneider - Motion Graphics
Oscar Javier Cárdenas Salazar - Motion Graphics
Santiago Caffarena - Motion Graphics
Natalia Zetti - Design / Ilustration.
Julián Giulianelli –Composition/ Editing
Patricio Barreiro – Shooting Supervision


3dsmax / After Effects / Nuke