Mapping Bicentenario Cabildo

Art Director



Piece developed at Shango Films.

For the Argentinean Bicentenary party we did in association with “Doble A” a mapping over the Cabildo (historical monument of Buenos Aires).
I served as art director and project leader of the 3d and postproduction. I elaborated the stylframes to display the parts of the script, transforming the Cabildo into a musical box, a museum, a living map of the English Invasion, a castle where colonial spirits live. I also did the transitional effect directing between the acts in some cases as an artist and as composer in other.

It was a great challenge from the technical and artistic view, and the newfangled characteristics of the mapping. One of the biggest challenges was how to tell two hundred years of history just in ten minutes.

The use of space and the way we handle light were our main tools to dress the Cabildo with magic and to tell our story again.


Art Director


At Shango VFX:
Art Director: Ramiro A. Fernández

Animation Art: Lucía Vidal
Project Coordinator: Rocío Pérez Lascano
Composition Leader: Patricio Barreiro
3D Artist: Juan Elías
3D Artist: Alejandro Ohanian
3D Artist: Cristian Tavella
3D Artist: Composer: Alexis Corbet
3D Cabildo Model : Javier Figueroa
Motion Graphics / Composer: Martín Polech
Motion Graphics / Composer: Fernando Canevaro
Motion Graphics: Santiago Bugni
Motion Graphics: Luciano Machi
Motion Graphics: Iván Tutavac
Motion Graphics: Laura Giraudo
Motion Graphics: Pía Rossi
Motion Graphics: Sebastián Romero
Graphic Designer: Lucía Cardozo
NLE: Noslen Pantaleón


3dsmax / After Effects / Photoshop