Copa America 2011

Director / Scriptwriter

Making Of


Reference ” in production” Styleframes  Pictures of the Show


Work developed at Shango Films.

This task was one of the most intense and complex for me as director because it challenged my capacity to lead a big team of professionals and guide them to realize a well thought plan to be executed in a very short time.

In a little bit more than a month I lived a lot (and I mean A LOT) of pressure to elaborate the script, to create the styleframes, to test the narrative times, to plane the staging, to imagine and to capture the moments of the mapping as support, just like the mapped sphere and the show as an unit. We had to combine the choreography with the mapping, to understand the points of view and the scales of
every moment live and projected and to take the decisions about costume, music and finally to be able to achieve successfully the ceremony with just
two general rehearsals for a show of 25 minutes long.

We suffered from a extreme cold in La Plata, heat during the meetings with the clients, anguish, desperation, epiphanies, joy, laughs and a lot of colorful emotions but from all the emotions we wanted to tell in the show I chose the glory and
the victory of have done such amount of work with a team of people who gave the best energy and passion.


Director / Scriptwriter


Executive Producer: Fernando Fasano
Accounts’ Director: Gonzalo Guardiola
Script and direction: Ramiro Amilcar Fernández y Nicolás Duce
Producer: Francisco Pascual
Technical Director: Carolina Travi
Animation Director: Lucía Vidal
Post production Coordinator: Rocío Pérez Lascano
Director’s assistant: Carina Sama
Chief of Production: Gabriel Schenone
Chief of Production: Daniela Barberis
Second Production Assistant: Gustavo Scherer
Production Runner: Ana Barrientos
Second Director Assistant: Ramiro G. Bustamante
Second Director Assistant: Jimena Canto
Stage: Guillermo Jaureguiberry
Stage: Gabriel Caputo
Stage Assistant:
Mauro Quinteros
Paula Uccello
Santiago Miro
Alejandra López
Props: Alejandro Acobetro Carlos
Screenplay Speech: Hans Garrino
Translation: Lourdes Rivas
Original Music: Iván Wyszogrod


3D Supervisor: Paolo Giordana
3D Artists:
Mateo Amaral
Patricio Autuori
Alexis Corbet
Nahuel Moreno
Alejandro Ohanian
Design / Motion Graphics: Roxana Vázquez
Motion Graphics:
Nicolás Coletto
Máximo Ponz
Brian Schneider
Carlos Algueiro
Composition: Ernesto Céspedes
Ezequiel Villanueva
Editing: Camila Menéndez
Technical Service:
Juan Pablo Guagliardi
Ignacio Rebequi
Nicolás Gómez
Erick Agüero

Máximo Díaz
Bautista Yacomo
Elian Borg

Juan Ignacio González Natta
Juan Manuel Pedrozo
Manuel Valdéz
Gonzalo Cavalcahue

Supervisor: Ricky Pashkus
Choreography: Marcela Criquet
Choreography Producer: Nicolas Gonzales
Supervisor‘s Assistant: Max Otranto
Choreographer’s Assistant: Hernán Vera

Alejo Fernández
Carolina Argirio
Juan Manuel Caballe

Costume: Isabel Gual
Costume Assistant: Noelia González Svobada

Hair and makeup: Nestor Burgos

Mapping: Troy

Energy: Pro-Power

Sound: J&S Lights: Pro Rider
Rigging: Prix D’ami Producers: Soda Pasta
Thanks to the people of Estadio Único de La Plata:
Ana Laura Gardinetti
Alfredo Schappi
Amilcar Scottini
Rinaldo Yossolino
Eduardo Doporto
Gustavo Romero
Miguel Pedroso

Thanks to the dancers who gave all their energy.


3dsmax / Nuke / After Effects / Watchout