Art Director / Motion Graphics / Compositor

Timelapse Sequence

Electric Towers Sequence

Infographic Sequence




Pieces developed at Shango Films.

This is a documental elaborated for the stand of Tecnopolis recognized at the top five of best works in the convention center.
My role was as art director of the post production of the documental and director of determined sequences.
I was in charge of the deconstruction of the dam,the elaboration of the time-lapse, frames and camera movements.I was also in charge of the graphic sequence where
it is shown the dam as an idea to come, a draw in the space will contain in a physical way, a mega project that only has the phases of the moon as witness.
I also designed the sequence where the idea passes from the model to the real project and we can see the damn being built from planning to the projective drawing. For this sequence I elaborated the camera movements, data, and the flow of information to be shown; despite the amount of heavy data, to achieve a movie very dynamic. I finally elaborated the 3D scene where we can see the electric towers, I made the composition and I developed the electricity effect that travels and connects the images. This documental has so many different parts that we had to elaborated simultaneously, so it was a interesting challenge to create aesthetic scenes and
functions so dissimilar at the same time to be able to tell the dam project.


Art Director / Motion Graphics / Compositor


Art DIrection:
Ramiro A. Fernandez

Supervision VFX:
Nicolás Duce

Nicolás Espert

3D Artist:
Juan Manuel Vapore
Mariano Rossi
Patricio Autuori
Pablo Molina
Hernán Bressán
Federico Zambrano
Cristian Fieras
Pablo Maiztegui
Javier Tommasi
Alejandro Ohanián

Matte Painting:
Roxana Vázquez

Ezequiel Villanueva
Julián Giulianelli
Berenice Diman
Rocío Barcia

Fran Pascual
Gabriel Schenone
Daniela Barberis

Motion Graphics:
Luciano Machi


3dsmax / After Effects / Photoshop