Director / Art Director / Scriptwriter



Work developed at Shango Films.
For this mapping we only had then days to complete the whole project, from production, he structure to map, the contents and music.
In this particular piece the most difficult thing for me was to adapt the little changes of the new Phillip Morris pack of every one of them to a big impact and spectacular show. It was also extreme the fact that I had to think and to put in styleframes the whole mapping in just two days to be able to direct the contents’ production really aware of the clock ticking.
Beyond the need of a straight vision of the director to canalize the energy into a clear result this type of work is not possible without a professional and dedicated team who gave the best energy working those ten days in a row.


Director / Art Director / Scriptwriter


Direction / Scriptwriting:

Ramiro A. Fernández


Rocío Pérez Lascano

Leader 3D:

Paolo Giordana

Artists 3D:

Lucía Vidal
Nahuel Moreno
Mateo Amaral

Motion Graphics:

Nicolás Houghton
Roxana Vázquez
Máximo Ponz


Francisco Pascual
Martín Paz


3dsmax / After Effects / Photoshop