Ansys simulation software

Director / Art Director



Pieces developed at Shango Films.

In this case I got involved with the commercial beyond my work as director, from the styleframes to the composition and the motion graphics in some of the takes.

ANSYS is a company that sells softwares to test the performance of the engines, the aerodynamics of the cars, and the resistance of the materials.
The client needed a commercial to show in a dynamic way the possibilities and services offered by the software. So I thought ANSYS like a big laboratory for the testing. One of the most interesting things for me was to think that this huge white tubular space, futuristic and minimalistic could be inhabited for the reality, as long as inside the software, that place of simulation, could give us “grunge materials” a more rustic aesthetic, darker, with metal and hard materials. It was also interesting the elaboration of the motion graphics analyzing each simulation case.


Director / Art Director


Direction :
Ramiro A. Fernandez

Lucia Vidal
Ramiro A. Fernandez

Rocío Pérez Lascano

3D Artist:
Paolo Giordana
Patricio Autuori
Juan Manuel Vapore
Nicolás Duce

Ezequiel Villanueva
Patricio Barreiro
Ramiro A. Fernandez

Motion Graphics:
Luciano Machi

Julián Giulianelli


3dsmax / After Effects / Photoshop